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In 2007, Eddie Trunk was a guest to Oklahoma. Now, he is an honorary resident.

Eddie had never stepped foot in Oklahoma before becoming the host of Rocklahoma and says, “many thought I would dislike it because it’s so different from the New Jersey/NYC area I grew up in, but I actually really loved it. I still do because it’s so different!”

Since inception, with the exception of 2010, and 2020 due to the pandemic, Trunk has hosted the 3 day festival. Over the years he has seen many things change and credits AEG with the biggest. “2010 was the first year they produced it, and they had it running way better and improved the site a lot.” He continues, “but they also moved it away from the 80’s theme which is what it was designed for initially. Now it has a varied line up and grown a lot.” While he doesn’t believe any line up will ever make everyone happy, he does believe they have created a good balance. What he finds the most unique about Rocklahoma is the camping. Although not a camper himself, he has shown up from time to time on the grounds. He chuckles, “It’s without a doubt a party within a party! I think there are people there just for that!”

Photo courtesy of Eddie Trunk Facebook page

Tulsa has become a favorite place for him to work and play, as he really enjoys the people and the pace. “Very friendly people for the most part, and I like how open things are. Things are generally way cheaper than what I’m used to paying, and every time I leave a restaurant I’m asked if I want a to go drink. They don’t do that where I live, and it took some getting used to!” While he and local promoter Doug Burgess were working Rocklahoma, and an event in Tulsa called “Streets Gone Wild” they struck up a friendship. He says, “Doug had nothing to do with that event, and it had problems. The promoter disappeared and left everyone in a bad spot. Doug is a good hearted guy, stepped forward, and helped saved the event.” As Doug was debating on whether to promote his own shows in Tulsa, Eddie offered his services. “I offered my help not only as a host, but behind the scenes with advice and support as well.” To date, Burgess has promoted several shows at the IDL and BOK, and Trunk says, “it’s not easy being an independent promoter, but he’s got a passion for it and it shows. It’s been great to be a part of his rock shows, and we’ve had some great times over the years.”

Eddie feels as though Tulsans are very receptive to what our music scene has to offer. “People seem really into it, and any night of the week there is some place you can go and see live music.” He has several venues he frequents while in town like The Hard Rock, Cain’s Ballroom and Tulsa Theatre, but has a special place in his heart for The IDL Ballroom. He says, “it always great to be a part of the shows happening there.” He will resume his role at the IDL on June 26th as they welcome Lita Ford.

Through the good and bad that is Rocklahoma, Trunk has found the greater good. “The best is for sure the fans. Really supportive and passionate in their love for the music and how they treat me. It’s really like a big family.”

Rocklahoma 2021 is scheduled to take place Labor Day weekend, September 3-5, and Eddie Trunk is slated to host. You can also catch him daily on his Volume show channel 106, and every Monday on Trunk Nation channel 39, both on SiriusXM Radio.

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