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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The IDL Ballroom has been responsible for many legendary shows, and the farewell would no different.

In conjunction with Sirius XM Host Eddie Trunk’s birthday, Phill Lewis of LA Guns, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, and Stephen Pearcy of Ratt descended upon Tulsa with a power packed band that further added to the all star line up. If you weren’t ready to have rock and roll slap you in the face, you were in the wrong place.

Phil Lewis, whose look has changed dramatically in recent months, was sporting a handle bar mustache, longer hair, and making you believe Lemmy had been reincarnated, opened the show. The set started with the 1989 hit “Never Enough” and was quickly followed with another “Cocked and Loaded” smash “Rip and Tear.” Although, the shortest set of the night, Lewis was energetic and engaging while setting the tone for the evening.

The Almighty Sebastian Bach was to follow and stormed on stage as the intro to “Slave To The Grind” began. The roar of the crowd fueled him through the song, and ushered him into the killer opener of Skid Row’s debut album “Big Guns.” Always charismatic and always playful, he belted out additional classics like “18 and Life,” “I Remember You,” and “Monkey Business” while rounding out the set with the track that he dug his heals into and left his footprints on the history of rock and roll with, “Youth Gone Wild.” Encouraging and receiving crowd participation, they carried each other down memory lane, and for just a moment, their own youth was revisited.

No birthday celebration would be complete without cake, right? IDL owner Tom Green, and partner Doug Burgess of DEB Concerts took the stage with a cake large enough for the king that read “Happy Birthday Eddie - Tulsa will always be your home away from home.” The Tulsa skyline was airbrushed in the center while surrounded by 2 iced microphones, and weighed a hefty 10 pounds. Sebastian called Eddie to the stage and was joined by Phil Lewis and additional headliner Stephen Pearcy. Happy Birthday began to an almost deafening level while the cake was catapulted into Trunk’s face. The force was great enough to knock him off his feet, but that did not for a moment dampen his spirit. He was helped to his feet, grabbed a towel and introduced the final act of the night.

Photo courtesy of Kristi Adair - Top Fuel Entertainment

Stephen Pearcy took over the stage and chose to start the set with some B side selections beginning with “Sweet Cheater,” “In Your Direction,” and “U Got It.” The anticipation of the more well known hits was thriving, and Pearcy obliged. As the opening riff to “Lay It Down” began, the crowd grew elated and a new energy was felt by all. As he continued through his impressive discography with favorites like “Lack of Communication” and “Body Talk” the ultimate ending would of course come with “Round and Round.” The 1984 hit from “Out of the Cellar” stands the test of time as proven in the reception he received from an adoring audience.

Supported by a dominant band, the headliners were able to deliver stellar performances. Led by guitarist Brent Woods, who is a full time member of Sebastian Bach’s band and is directly responsible for putting the show together. His precision and brilliance in his playing is mesmerizing as he envelopes himself with the music surrounding him. It’s obvious music is his soul, and his passion for it is personified in each note he hits.

Robbie Crane, who is currently the bassist for Black Star Riders and formerly of Ratt, was in St. Louis the night previous, and had to take, as Eddie Trunk put it, “the most expensive Uber ride in history” to make the show. He shook of the long travel day and proceeded to contribute thumping bass riffs with exemplary backing vocals, all while staying attentive to his audience.

And sitting in the captains chair was the monstrous Glen Sobel. As Alice Cooper’s drummer for over a decade, he delivered beats so hard it took over the palpations in your chest. Steady, solid, and unique, he steered the show from beginning to end.

And while it’s sad to say farewell, every element of this show contributed to it’s outcome. Every emotion felt was genuine. Every memory made will last forever.

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