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TulsaRocks247 Welcomes Jennifer Reid Morris To The Team!

Jennifer began her media career back in 1991 as a dj for KIXX 106.9 radio in Birmingham, AL. Fascinated and proficient in journalism, she turned her sights to music coverage. Joining Stage Shottz Magazine in 2009, she began covering national acts like Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Ringo Starr, Sammy Hagar, ZZ Top, Ed Sheeran, Slash and Steven Tyler to name a few.

With over 10 years experience, her knowledge and perception of the music industry aligns with the vision of Tulsa Rocks 247, and we are happy to welcome her to the team!

Jennifer will serve as the Director of Media & Creative Content. She will be responsible for media content pertaining to all aspects of music including research, interviews, live show reviews, press releases and any additional outlets that affiliate with the program.

"I've known Jennifer for about 11 years now and I'm beyond excited to add her level of experience and vision into the TulsaRocks247 brand." - Wes Hoffman, Founder
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