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TulsaRocks247 shines the spotlight on Brian Schwermer of Poster Child

As a young kid in the 80’s, Brian Schwermer can remember traveling with his parents and being exposed to the likes of Heart, Pat Benatar, Simple Minds and Pink Floyd. But what really captured his attention was Metallica. He says, “my brother gave me my first CD, which happened to be Metallica’s Black Album when it debuted. I can remember sitting in the bedroom with my friends listening to that album over and over again. We were completely blown away!” Idolizing Kirk Hammett, he decided to try his hand at guitar. “I wanted to learn to play piano as a kid, but listening to monster guitarists really inspired me to learn guitar.”

Photo credit: Kat Northcott

While involved with some original music living in Southern California, Poster Child is the first band Schwermer has played live with. His first introduction into the local music scene was about 20 years ago at Cimarron Bar. His friends had told him about a guy who hosted a Sunday jam and could do backflips while playing Mr. Crowley on guitar; “naturally, I didn’t believe them so we went up so I could check it out. That’s when I met Brian Gresh. Until that time I didn’t realize just what Tulsa had to offer as far as musical talent was concerned.” He continues with, “the Tulsa’s music scene is filled with some of the best talent in the country. Depending on your preference, or what mood you’re in, you can virtually go out on any given Friday or Saturday night, and check out anything from country to hard rock and see a great show.” Now, it was his turn.

To form Poster Child, Brian and bassist Patrick Bean went on a mission. They wanted a solid rock band, and scoured the town auditioning various musicians. “This is the original Poster Child lineup with the exception of the drummer.” Steve Stefanoff and Andy Taylor have both filled the role, but the reigns have recently been handed over to Matthew Northcutt. Schwermer states, “Dustin Rhodes taught and recommended him, so we tried him out. He had the right attitude and skills, so we offered him the job.” And since inception, he has helped levitate the band to further success.

With an exceptional line up in place, Poster Child is a certified fan favorite. Brian believes their high energy, and variety of tunes keep people coming back for more. Channeling his inner Zakk Wylde, he makes it a point to run through the crowd during a show, ensuing sing alongs and collective head bangs. He believes interaction is key and says, “music does something different for everybody, but the one thing that it tends to do, is bring us together.”

Come see all Poster Child has to offer! They will be performing Saturday May 15, and again Saturday June 12 at Cimarron Bar located at 2619 S. Memorial Drive.

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