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The Tulsa music community was left stunned after the untimely passing of one of our own today. Let's Zeppelin: A Tribute frontman Robert Stewart was an immensely talented artist who impacted our community. His uncanny vocal rendition of the almighty Robert Plant was profound, and his mark in Tulsa music history has been solidified. An official statement from a Let's Zeppelin: A Tribute spokesman reads:

"This loss cuts very deeply. I am trying to come up with the right words to express here.

Robert Stewart was our friend and our brother. One couldn't hope to meet a more kind and genuine soul. He was so dedicated and he always gave his absolute best, both on stage and off, in everything he did. We are grateful just to have known him and to have worked with him for the last five years.

His untimely passing is an overwhelming shock to all of us in LET'S ZEPPELIN: A TRIBUTE, and to our fellow musicians and friends in The British Invasion of Tulsa.

Most of all, this loss is felt by his family and all of his friends, to whom our hearts go out with tremendous sympathy and condolences.

Our dear friend and brother will be sorely missed, but he will also remembered with great fondness and appreciation for his sincere efforts, extreme dedication, and wonderful personality."

RIP Robert Stewart

Marc Nelson Drummer / Manager LET'S ZEPPELIN: A TRIBUTE

Photo courtesy of Let's Zeppelin Facebook page

All of us at Tulsa Rocks 247 send our sincerest condolences to his family, friends, and bandmates.

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