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Formed in 2005, Severmind was originally comprised of Derek Sanders, Chris Eagan, James Jones and Heath Wiedmeier.

After writing material in 2005 and 2006, the band released it's self-titled debut in 2007. Playing shows regionally to support the release, they began working on new material and released their follow-up CD, "From the Ashes" in 2009.

After the departure of Jones in 2011, the band members knew of only one lead-guitarist in the local scene who would give the songs the powerful solo work that was needed, so they approached Tulsa shredder Stacy Lane to see if he would be interested in becoming a part of Severmind. Lane expressed an interest in getting back to his roots and writing some original metal, so it was a natural transition for him to step into the role of lead-guitarist. With the new line-up, the foursome recorded their 3rd CD, Imminent Misfortune in 2014.

With the departure of Wiedmeier in early 2018, the remaining members approached front-man Thad Timothy of Zero Crossing to take over the role of lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Blending his unique vocal-styling and rock-solid rhythm playing with the technical chemistry of the core, the band went back into the studio to release two tracks, "Redeemer" and "Headcase" during the summer of 2018.

After Eagan left the band in early 2019, Severmind recruited Tulsa bass-badass, Blake Horton, and the band dove right back into writing with a renewed sense of purpose and a re-energized sound. Blake's ability to step outside of the established rhythms while maintaining the foundation of the overall sound made it quickly apparent that they had found the right fit.

Throughout the 14 years of it's existence, Severmind has proven to be a major player in Tulsa’s emerging metal scene. Moving forward, they challenge themselves to be the creators of an ever-evolving musical style; pushing their abilities and musicianship and continuing to churn out riff after riff of mind-severing music suitable for slaying the masses.

Severmind takes the Roadhouse Stage presented by DEB Concerts at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 5th.

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