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Mark Mortensen talks Motley Crue: A Tribute

Motley Crue’s Girls, Girls, Girls turns 34 this month, and Tulsa is celebrating in style!

Recently, Mark Mortensen put together a Motley Crue tribute recording. And although he says it was “just for fun” it was stellar enough to get the attention of IDL Ballroom owner Tom Green, who was looking to put together a Motley Crue tribute. He says, “when Tom was looking for some people to help organize this Crue tribute show, my name came up. Crue is in my wheelhouse.”

After forming a committee of 6, Mortensen says they hashed out a list of songs while congregated around a table. They wanted selections that everyone would be familiar with, and then started the process of reaching out. “We sent the song list out to prospective musicians, and everyone put down what they wanted to play on. Then it was just a matter of organizing and trying to make everyone happy.”

And happy they are. This will be the third tribute show in a matter of 7 months. The IDL began hosting these events soon after the death of the astonishing Eddie Van Halen. It was immediately followed by a tribute to the legendary Ozzy Osbourne, and now, it’s time for Crue. So what contributes to the success and continuation of these events? Mark says, “the vibe is awesome. There are no egos, no competition, all good feelings. One of the coolest experiences I’ve ever been a part of. I’m sure all the people in the crowd can feel that too.” He continues, “plus you have some badass musicians playing some great songs. What’s not to love?”

Additional bands are being considered for future tributes, and Mark hopes they include Metallica, AC/DC, KISS, and Guns N Roses. But, even if they don’t, he’ll be there to support and meet great people; “musicians who normally wouldn’t hang, get to spend time together and see how the other half live" he says. "I personally met several really cool guys at the Ozzy show. Really cool people.”

Motley Crue: A Tribute is set for June 13 at The IDL Ballroom. Tickets may be purchased in advance through for $10, or at the door for $15. But don’t wait! Tickets have and will sell out.

Motley Crue is paying homage to their quadruple platinum selling album on their Facebook page all week. Click here to celebrate with them!

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