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“Fire in Little Africa” is an album and documentary scheduled for release in spring 2021 inspired by the legacy of Black Wall Street, in collaboration with Chris Combs, aka Combsy, and Mercury Lounge. The artists featured on “Fire in Little Africa” created the live concert series/showcase Fire Fridays that brings together Tulsa’s hip-hop and rock music scenes after being separated for months.

“It’s an opportunity for the artists to just get out there and do what they love, and to support their craft,” says Stevie “Dr. View” Johnson, executive producer for “Fire in Little Africa.” “(They enjoy) being able to get on the stage or get into these views and be able to articulate and express how they feel and what they’ve been thinking about these past couple months being locked up.”

Some of Tulsa’s top musical talent can be seen on the stage, including Steph Simon, 1st Verse, Dialtone, St. Domonick with Hakeem Eli’Juwon, Ayilla with The Vampire Youth, and many more on the horizon. Combs is excited to have the opportunity to perform with some of his favorite local artists.

“All the music that has been generated by the ‘Fire in Little Africa’ artists is some of my favorite stuff to come out of Tulsa, ever,” Combs says. “We’re trying to set each week differently. So right now we spend a week working up to Steph Simon, and then the next day, we’ve got our songs and are making arrangements for Verse. So it’s super exciting to just be rolling. We’ve got 12 weeks of this, and each week, we work all week, learning the artists’ material.”

Friday, 4/30, 9PM, $15 ADV/$20DOS

Go to the "SHOWS" page on Mercury Lounge's website

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